Wizpick Felting Needles

With the globaly recognised colour code system

There are endless possibilities, when working with wool.
The hair from sheep is a sustainable, renewable resource, not to mention it’s ability to keep you warm and dry.
You can knit wool, weave wool or felt wool: wet felt it with soap and water or dry felt it with a felting needle or combine both methods.

When jabbed into wool the barbs on the felting needle catch and tangle the fibre sculpturing fine detail.
The gauge (diameter) for wool felting needles ranges from 32 (coarse) to 42 (super fine).
In general, start your project with a coarser needle and work to a finer needle for finishing.
Choose thicker needles to felt coarse fibers and finer needles when working with finer fibers.

Wizpick felting needles cover the whole range of handcraft use and will allow you to explore new techniques and ideas.
The best tools for the best results. More information is available on
Most felting needles are triangular with three working edges, except Star Needles, which are a new innovation with four edges.
Felting needles can also be used to join yarn, to mend holes in felted or knitted fabric, for rooting doll hair or to start or maintain dreadlocks.
Often wool is added to dreadlocks to create a unique hairdo.

Needle Felting Sets

There are a few thousand different felting needles available for
specific industrial applications.
Wizpick felting needles have been carefully selected to cover every
handicraft use. Flowers on felted bead jewelry demand or need different
needles than life-size needle felted sculptures.
Of course it takes some
patience and practice to discover the uniqueness of each and every needle.
More information is available on

Completion Set $45.-

18 needles: Get them all

Novice Set $22.-

9 needles: Start with these
red, burgundy, mauve, brown,
orange, yellow, cream, blue, gilt

Devotion Set $24.-

9 needles: The second half

Merino Set $19.-

6 needles: Fine fibre experts
orange, white, grey, aqua, cream, silver