Corriedale is courser wool (about 30 microns) and is preferred for needle felting simply because it is easier.
We recommend our Mauve felting needle for children.
Corriedale was crossbred between Merino ewes and Lincoln or Leichester male sheep in Australia and New Zealand in the 20th century.
Middle length Corriedale fibre can easily be ripped shorter or tussled up.
Corriedale makes a durable and hard wearing felt for toys when wet felted.
Corriedale can be used as hair for puppets and to make mobiles because it never looks limp.

European Merino

European Merino is courser (more like Corriedale) but felts like Merino.
European Merino is longer in staple length with new possibilities.
We love these subtle colours.


Merino shrinks about one third, less the thinner it is applied.
This very soft and fine wool is wonderful to work with. Details are more accurate than with other types of wool.
Merino is the best wool for Nuno Felting on silk or cotton gauze.
With the proper felting needle Merino can be delicately molded without single hairs protruding.
For needle felting fine fibres we recommend our Merino felting needle set.

Mohair Roving

This high quality 100% mohair roving is
very shiny, silky, smooth, and soft. Try it fluffed up for hairdos or wetfelted together with Merino for fabric texture.
It attaches best to other fibres with our Cream felting needle.

Mohair locks

Hand dyed Kid Mohair locks are great for hair or beards. Goat’s hair has a light shine.
Sometimes there are little bits of straw or grass included. This means that the goats have a natural life.
Big companies use chemicals to dissolve the vegetable matter.
Our locks are hand dyed on the farm and are not carded in order to not disturb the curls.